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Inovix provides a full range of IT and consulting services, including system and network design, strategic planning, development, and IT support and maintenance.

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Inovix has a growing range of solutions designed to simplify IT digital content management at an incredible value.

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A growing list of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and even today's digital content delivery leaders are joining our growing customer list. Why aren't you?

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Inovix was founded on the premise of delivering Innovative products targeted toward content management while simplifying video delivery and maximizing Ad revenue and exposure.

Inovix was founded by a team of Engineers, and Information Technology Professionals in 2000. While Inovix began as an IT services consulting firm, it has evolved into developing inovative, revenue generating, cost reducing solutions for New Media initiatives. Our flagship product is targeted at broadcasters and publishers allowing them to capture live TV and video advertising, and distribute them on the internet using a simple, automated, web-based appliance. An integrated editor and composition tool allows media managers to capture, edit, and compose video/advertising content in one user friendly, tightly integrated environment.. The InoCoder automates the transcoding process like no other appliance in the market. The InoCoder is the first in a line of many upcoming innovative products from the Inovix team.

From fortune 500 companies, to start-ups, Inovix's scalable solutions will help you increase efficiency, generate revenue, and take control of your new media infrastructure.

Committed to delivering innovative solutions through unparalelled experiences, Inovix collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses operating on the forefront of today's content delivery needs.

Our mission is to provide total solutions which improve our customers┬┤ productivity through the application and management of computer technologies and business processes. We will continually strive to develop our employees and improve our services in order to deliver results which exceed our customers┬┤ expectations.

The InoCoder (TM) is an all-in-one appliance designed to minimize the costs and time associated with Media content management and distribution. With the Inocoder, business can begin generating additional advertising revenue within seconds...

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